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Advice for Ordering Valentine's Day Flowers

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Whether it's a TV or radio ad, or some pop up ad on line,  this is when you get bombarded with special offers for cheap flowers for Valentine's Day. Right after Valentine's Day there are literally thousands of consumer complaints about non delivery or poor quality from these same big advertisers. Here's why.

You click or call and order from one of those  companies that promises 24 roses for $19.95 delivered for Feb. 14th. Proud that you ordered early and got a good deal you forget about it until you get home from work Feb. 14th to a disgruntled spouse who never received them, or found them in a box at the front door where they sat freezing all day. 

These big advertisers aren't actually florists with real shops and  fresh flowers in their coolers. They take your order and  try to send it to a florist to fill after they've  taken a big cut of the money you paid.   The real florist then rejects the order because it isn't what they carry or it isn't priced correctly and they aren't even going to get 80% of the money for an already under priced item.  The order keeps getting kicked around from florist to florist, being rejected until it's too late for you to get anything delivered.

Sometimes it's a company that drop-ships " fresh from the farm." In this case  the shipping company, UPS , FedEx or whomever, does what they do with all packages and drops it at the door, rings the bell and leaves. That may work for most products but flowers are not shoes. They need water ASAP and they will freeze in cold climates or cook in warmer climates. If the recipient is lucky enough to get them inside right away, she now has to find a vase and assemble the bouquet herself, thorny stems and all. So romantic, right?

So do yourself a favor and call a real local florist who can give you full service and won't make promises they can't keep. 


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