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Established in 1893, the Concord Flower Shop is celebrating it’s 32nd year under the current owner Helen Dearborn Halloran. Helen, along with her dedicated staff, truly enjoy helping clients with all their floral needs: anything from a simple arrangement to an elaborate event such as a wedding.
We deliver to Concord and surrounding towns.

An Old Fashioned Easter

Posted by Helen Halloran on Mar 16th 2018


Through the years Easter has become less and less formal and almost a forgotten holiday compared to when I was a child. We used to look forward to a new outfit and patent leather shoes, as well as a pretty hat for the spring holiday. Our parents would prepare a festive feast for the extended family of cousins, aunts, uncles etc. The whole family would celebrate together and extra tables would be set up to accommodate everyone. After dinner all the kids would go outside for an Easter Egg hunt and to play other outside games like, Red Rover, Mother May I, Tag, Tug O' War and Hide and Seek. Most of these traditions we continued when we had children, but admittedly the family size began to shrink. My kids didn't have as many cousins to play with as I did and each generation seems to have smaller families. Who can afford 5 children with today's expenses? 

   Even though times have changed one thing that still makes a holiday special is a spring centerpiece in the middle  of your dinner table. Along with a pretty table cloth and your best china, flowers will make the holiday meal more special. Let's not give up all the old fashioned traditions that make our holidays special! Don't forget Easter is early this year so it's especially nice to get some spring flowers since it still looks wintery out! Some of our most popular designs can be found here on our web site. We also always have plenty of extra arrangements ready to grab in our display case or you can call ahead and order a custom designed arrangement to match your table setting. 

Don't forget we also deliver to Concord and surrounding towns so place your order early and enjoy your holiday!